Bruno Mars is the biggest and most important artist

Can be big like Elvis

Let’s start with the statistics first. In addition to selling millions of albums, the number of plays on Youtube and Spotify shows that there are really lots of people who would like to join the party that the funky pop singer invites. Here, several of his singles have been played over 100 million times.
In addition, his latest album ’24K Magic’ from 2016 has sold platinum in the United States – and he has harvested several grammars for his music. Just to name a few examples of his great success.

Bruno Mars 2017

According to music experts, Bruno Mars is a wholly-owned entertainer, constantly evolving and showing new aspects of himself.
“He is a 100 percent entertainer who has no weaknesses,”.

He highlights his voice, reaching out to the very high registry, but also his performance in the Super Bowl in 2014, showing that he can also commit himself to a drum kit.
Not to mention his ‘flawless guitar solo Prince style’ during his tribute to the deceased artist during the Grammy Prize earlier this year.

– He is currently setting himself up in the Elvis class. Elvis was the first to be not only superstar but super superstar. Getting up in the league requires a long career.
But if Bruno Mars continues to perform at this level, he could end up in Elvis class.