The Rumor Come Out: Does Bruno Mars is Gay?

This rumor comes out to the public and to be sub news topic in the Chicago radio station. According to a CNN report, he makes the confession that he is a gay. Believe or not, but at this time he said that confession, it was Sunday, 1st April which is called as April mob or April fool’s day. At that moment he also talked well that he did not make a joke.

He just said that “The timing is bad, I had not realized that it was April mob, but it has been pointed out, of myself, I do not want to go too public with this”, as mentioned in CNN report he just said. The word of two public makes some people curios in the studio, he was incredibly sad and ashamed of his confession. He is a talented singer and musician, but everything can be ruined rapidly with the rumor that Bruno Mars is gay.

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